Hinksey Parish Church Groups

Ministry to the Housebound: Lay Ministers of Communion take Holy Communion each week to those parishioners who are unable to join us at Mass. Father Daniel is happy to make additional visits if requested to do so.

Children’s Liturgy: Every Sunday during term time all the children attending the 9.15am Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary go to the Rosary room for a short session especially designed for them. Similarly children attending the 11.15am Mass at Holy Rood have a short session in the church’s meeting room. If you would like to help in any of these, please contact Blanka for Our Lady or email the parish office for Holy Rood.

Children’s Choir: A group of children meet regularly at Holy Rood to learn music for special performances and to practise hymns. Julia Craig-McFeely, the organist at Holy Rood, directs the choir and welcomes all children who would like to sing. For more details on the choir please see the calendar of the church.

Music: Any singers who would like to join the Rota to sing the Psalm for Sunday Mass, or to join a small choir who sing for special events please contact Julia Craig-McFeely via the Parish Office.

After Mass coffee: Leanne serves Coffee in the Meeting Room after 11.15 Mass. This is an ideal opportunity for newcomers and visitors to the Parish to meet other parishioners.

Welcome Team: Welcomes parishioners before Mass and ensures that they have the necessary Mass sheets and hymn books. They are often the first point of contact for new parishioners, and so fulfil an important role in the worshipping community.

Readers: If you would like to join those who proclaim the Word at Sunday Mass, please speak to Father Daniel, or via the Parish Office, and they will arrange for you to be added to the Rota for Mass.

Flowers: There is a rota for the floral arrangements at Holy Rood. If you would like to join them in their ministry, please contact the parish office.

Counting: There is a rota for counting. If you would like to join them please email the parish office.

The Guilds

Our Lady of the Rosary’s Church Guild looks after the “nuts and bolts” of the Church building, plus social and pastoral events. Each area of the Parish has a Guild whose members meet regularly and whose terms of reference are as follows:

  • The essence of the Guild’s task is to work with the Clergy in ministry to that part of the Hinksey Catholic Parish which the Guild represents. Specifically the Guild will seek to identify the needs, both spiritual and temporal, of all those Catholics (whether practising or ‘hidden’) in the Guild’s locality. Further, within the general guidance given by the Parish Pastoral Council and in consultation with the Clergy, the Guild will attempt to meet those needs as far as possible.
  • While fostering a sense of unity and ‘belonging’ within an area of the Parish centred on its particular Church building, the Guilds will also develop among the parishioners it serves, a spirit of Parish-wide community, and promotion of the mission in that area.
  • The Guild will also encourage in its constituents a readiness to participate with churches of other denominations and communities of other faiths, and with appropriate secular bodies in their locality, in promoting the well-being of the whole community.
  • The Guilds will contribute to the life of the parish both by promoting their own social events and by supporting such events in other parts of the parish.
  • The Guilds will concern themselves with the maintenance and good order of their church buildings in co-operation with i/c Buildings and Health and Safety representatives.