Holy Rood Meeting Room

Holy Rood has a main meeting room and small kitchen able to serve tea/coffee with microwave for heating food if required.   Below you can see the room bookings. If you would like to hire the rooms please contact the Parish Office. Thank you.

Hire Hinksey Parish Room

If you would like to hire the room please fill out the below form or click here for a downloadable PDF to fill in and return to us. The return address is at the bottom of the page or here. Room information is here and the rules and regulations are here.

Must be an individual person not a group.
If the room is to be used by an organisation (such as a club, society or institution) please give its name and provide a description of its activities.
Specific dates and times must be stated on the Licence Agreement. The Agreement can only cover a specific period of time (eg thirty successive Saturdays from 9am to 5pm starting on the 21st January 2017)
Individuals hiring the room for a one-off private function, such as birthday party, are responsible for ensuring the welfare and safety of the children in their care.
Select when you would like the hall