Parish Committees


The Hinksey Parish Pastoral Council meets four times each year with representation from all Parish Churches. It’s brief is to assist, advise and support the Parish Priest in all matters (except finance) to do with the running of the Parish and the spiritual development of parishioners.

The Council is composed of the Parish Priest (Fr Daniel Lloyd) , who is a member ex officio, two representatives from each of the four main areas of the Parish and members invited by the Priest to represent particular areas of the work and activities in the Parish. Minutes of Council Meetings are posted on the notice boards in each of the Churches.


The Finance and Buildings Committee is an advisory body to the Parish Priest and meets on a quarterly basis. The committee is composed of the Parish priest, a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Health & Safety Parish Representative, the parish administrator and several parishioners who serve the parish with their professional knowledge and personal gifts.